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welcome to halle_daily, a fan community dedicated to the beautiful, hard-working, and talented academy award winner halle berry. news, icons, videos, interviews, discussions, and everything else in between will be included in this community. it doesn't matter if you've loved her since jungle fever or just fell in love after watching her on david letterman, all sorts of fans are welcome here. if you love halle, then this is definitely the place for you.


1. There will be absolutely and I repeat absolutely no Halle Berry hate in this community. The first sign of negativity expressed towards Halle and a member will be banned with no questions asked. If you don't like Halle do not bother to join and if you seriously possess that much dislike, create a community of your own.

2. All discussions must be on topic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with discussing films and music as long as they pertain to Halle. There are fan communities for the other actors of her films.

3. Keep the love going strong. No member drama.

4. Every topic under the clear blue sky dealing with Miss Berry is welcome here. Perhaps you've made icons, info banners, found a video on youtube, found an amazing interview, or some really lovely pictures... then post away! Post as much as you like! The more, the merrier!

5. When posting icons, graphics, or photos; feel free to post as many as you like. If you are posting more than three photos and/or icons, please put the rest behind an lj-cut. An lj-cut goes as follows: [*lj-cut text="text goes here..."]{pictures/longer text}[*/lj-cut]. (Just remove the stars and replace the [] for <> for a successful cut.)

6. Have fun and happy posting!


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[[DISCLAIMER]] halle_daily is no way, shape, or form affiliated with Halle Berry. Oh, but wouldn't it be so nice?

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